Medifast Advantage Program

The age of technology has been both a blessing and a curse. The downside is that because most of us have been inundated with entertainment stimulus and technology, individuals and even whole families have become much more sedentary. This often leads to obesity. But even those who don’t have this problem often find it very time consuming preparing wholesome and balanced meals multiple times a day. For these reasons, the Medifast Advantage program has become a buzz within the health and diet community.

Why Join Medifast Advantage Program

Medifast Advantage benefits individuals with a nutritionally balanced and portion-controlled program, so that it not only helps them lose weight, as well as maintain a steady, consistent and healthy daily meal intake, but helps curb hunger-binges. Starving is never an effective or lasting option for losing weight and keeping it off.  Studies have shown that the most effective way to lose weight is to maintain a healthy balance of nutritional and portion-controlled meals every few hours in order to stimulate your metabolism.

Research was conducted at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, research found that individuals following a Medifast diet program lost twice the weight and were two times more likely to successfully accomplish the program than individuals following a diet based on the dietary plans issued by the American Diabetes Association.

Medifast meals offer a variety of over sixty meal choices, such as soups, shakes, stews, chili, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, snack bars, puddings along with hot and cold beverages. The Medifast Advantage program incorporates the “5 & 1 Plan” meal combination. This six meal plan is designed around the consumption of five Medifast meals, in addition to one “lean and green” meal the individual prepares themselves. The lean and green meal can be eaten at any time of the day and consists of seven ounces of a meat product; such as turkey, chicken or fish, or up to five ounces of pork, lamb or beef.

Medifast Advantage Program

The Medifast Advantage program encourages behavior modification that not only redesigns an individual’s eating habits, but their overall lifestyle. The program provides a well structured maintenance phase along with a weight loss phase, so that the individual loses the weight safely and effectively and orientates their eating habits towards a long-term smart and healthy lifestyle. The Medifast Advantage program is simple and easy to join and does not require a Medifast coupon to join. Joining the Medifast Advantage program allows you to receive your Medifast meals that will come in portable packages, that can be carried anywhere, and all conveniently delivered to each program participant. Medifast meals are either ready to consume right from the box or just need water. For those with a busy lifestyle, the Medifast diet is the most ideal way to eat healthy and smart without much time and effort.

Benefits Of Medifast Advantage

Join Medifast Advantage

  • Free shipping on qualified orders
  • Two free orders of meals: a total of 56 meals
  • 5% off your third meal purchase
  • A free online menu planner to make dieting easier on the go
  • A free blender to help mixing your Medifast meals

Each individual Medifast package contains a balanced portion of protein, low fat, carbohydrate and calorie-controlled meals, and they also provide twenty or more of all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals per serving, so that all your nutritional requirements are met on a daily basis. Simply put, the program teaches each individual to plan their diet properly in order to consume just enough to get the quantities of nutrients and calories they need, but enough throughout the day so that hunger cravings are always satisfied and kept under control.

Medifast Advantage benefits everyone by offering a variety of plans to choose from to suit just about everyone’s food preferences and needs. Plans are offered specifically for men, women and diabetics. There are also food choices for those who are lactose intolerant, and meals even suitable for vegetarians.

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